A New Supergirl: Day 8

Eighty foot above the streets below, Emily came to a gentle stop and hovered in the cold air. She looked down at the brightly lit alley. Her cape fluttered gently in the wind.

She spotted the four drunk guys in an alley, throwing around beer cans, smashing up stuff, goofing around as they walked between the industrial buildings. Definitely not behaviour that Supergirl would need to get involved with.

But she’d also noticed a young guy, a couple of years older than her, wearing a rucksack talking on his phone. He was walking down the main street passing the alleyway.

“Don’t turn left” she whispered to herself.

She waited about 10 seconds, and the kid turned into the alley. “Dammit” Emily said under her breath.

She descended a little. She didn’t need to of course. Her super vision enabled her to watch the scene unfold as if she were just a few feet away. But it felt a natural thing to do. Should she be down there now? Protecting this dude? There was no doubt they were looking for trouble. Or were they? They hadn’t done anything yet. She couldn’t preemptively intervene could she? Wasn’t that profiling, or racist or something?

“Maybe it’ll be okay” she said out loud to herself.

Tonight didn’t feel right. Her first Supergirl “event” needed to be low-key. Maybe rescuing a cat from a tree, or apprehending a shoplifter or something?

The kid with the backpack looked up from talking on his phone. So engrossed in conversation with this girlfriend, he’d neglected to look where he was going. By the time he’d seen them, it was too late to turn back.

“Hey man” said one of the big men to to the kid as he passed. “You got a spare cigarette?”

The kid shook his head nervously. “Nah man, I don’t smoke, sorry.”

“How about a cellphone? You got a cellphone?”

The kid picked up his pace a little, his girlfriend was still on the line. “Nah, sorry man, I haven’t got a spare phone”

“I don’t think you heard me right” the burly man said walking a couple of feet behind him, “I don’t want a spare cellphone, I want that cellphone”.

The kid felt his heart pounding. He didn’t want any trouble, and it was just a crappy Samsung. He hung up on his girlfriend who was shouting down the phone and was about to hand it over when he felt an explosion on his face.

Emily winced from fifty foot above the alley floor. One of the men blindsided the kid as he turned and struck him cleanly and squarely on his face. His nose exploded with blood as the force of the punch sent him crashing to the ground. The four men all laughed and shared high-fives with each other as they surrounded him.

Maybe they would let him go now? They would have his phone, and worst case he had a broken nose. Did this situation really warrant Supergirl? On her first night?

The kid covered his face with his hands, trying to stop the bleeding. He felt one of the men pick him up from behind and another unzip his backpack and pull out his stuff.

Emily watched them stealing his stuff. She knew that Supergirl needed to intervene. That the kid on the floor needed Supergirl’s help. But she froze. She knew these men couldn’t hurt her. Could they? No man or woman on earth was a threat to her. Were they? Those doubts lingered and caused her to remain frozen.

Lucas was resigned to losing his phone, his backpack and everything in it. He felt his shirt sodden in his own warm blood as it spewed from his nose. But the guys weren’t finished yet. The short burly guy nodded to the guy holding him up and without any warning landed a punch across his jaw. The kid yelped helplessly and slumped to the floor.

“I think he’s had enough, don’t you?”

The four men looked round.

She’d had enough. She couldn’t stand by any longer. If it weren’t for her cowardice the kid with the backpack wouldn’t be lying on the floor semi-conscious in an alleyway right now. She should’ve intervened earlier. She had the power to intervene, but she’d allowed these men to brutally attack him. What was she scared of? She was Supergirl dammit!

There were a few seconds of silence as each of the four men turned and looked her up and down.

“What the fuck have we got here boys?” said Todd, the short muscular ringleader.

Emily had landed about twenty feet behind them and stood with her hands on her hips just as she’d practiced in the mirror. She hoped that the familiar Supergirl pose, that powerful stance, would hide the fact that she was shaking with nerves.

But she needn’t have worried. None of the four men looking at her right now were remotely interested in whether she was nervous or not. She felt hyperconscious of her body and costume as she faced the four older men, and felt her nipples protruding through the thin material in the cold air

“Super-fucking-Girl is back out of retirement, huh?” Todd sniggered.

Emily couldn’t help but feel this was all a big mistake. She wasn’t ready. As three of the men walked slowly towards her she felt ashamed that her eyes started welling up. That she was close to bursting into tears. She wasn’t ready for this at all. All she could think of was how big they were. How thick and muscular they were. Her primary thought was to shoot back up into the sky. But then she looked at the guy on the floor. Blood trickled out of his nose, one eye already swollen shut.

She was determined to see this through.

“Actually” Emily said firmly, “The old Supergirl retired. I’m the new Supergirl.”

The four men looked at each other howling with laughter. “You hear that?” said Todd over the noise, “The new Supergirl!”

“It’s my first night, like, out in costume” she continued.

And what a costume it was. The laughing subsided quickly once they’d all shared fist pumps. They made no effort to conceal their lecherous gaze. Each man took in every incredible detail about her. From the sexy red stiletto knee-high boots that wrapped tightly around her toned calves, leading up to her sumptuous long shapely thighs, upon which her tiny little skirt fluttered flirtatiously in the wind. But of course it was her torso that demanded the most attention. Not just because her costume clung to her body like a shiny blue second skin. Or that the costume was so tight that they could make out the outline of her hard feminine abdominals. It was her phenomenal breasts. Sitting proudly and firmly upon her chest were the most incredible tits the men had ever seen. They were mesmerising.

“Well well well,” Todd said stepping towards her “Look at what we have here”. Along with the others, his attention had understandably been directed towards her incredible figure. But as he approached her, he was struck by how insanely gorgeous she was. She couldn’t have been older than his daughter. Probably about 5’8” in heels, but unlike his daughter, she had the body of a fitness model, the legs of a supermodel, and the tits of a swimsuit model. With long blonde hair that sat just below her shoulders and her piercing blue eyes, she was off the charts stunning. World class.

“So, I met with the real Supergirl a while back” Todd said just a couple of feet away from Emily, “And darling, however good this Halloween costume looks on you, you’re out of your depth sweetheart.”

Emily managed to maintain eye contact with him when he was polite enough to peel his eye away from her chest.

“I’m thinking you thought you’d bring that swimsuit body down here, trussed up in that costume, showing a bit of leg, figuring you’d scare us off huh? Doing some of that vigilante shit?”

Todd appeared again to her left having circled behind her.

“But it ain't working baby” he sneered looking down at her chest and the familiar “S” that stretched valiantly across her boobs. “You’re just some sorority chick in a push-up bra and boots thinking you’re being brave out here.”

Emily winced as she smelt his rancid breath. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. This was all a mistake. A big mistake. She didn’t have what it took to be Supergirl.

The teenager felt him stake a step closer into her and place a hand on the side of her left hip. She tensed as he dramatically inhaled through his nose.

“She smells good boys” he said looking over to the other three who were watching Todd’s hand work its way up her hard torso. The grubby little man enjoyed the sensation of the smooth skin-tight fabric as his hand glided up the contours of her tight muscular waist.

Emily looked up at the other three men giggling like school boys. She felt paralysed as his hand migrated north, but moment his fingertip touched the underside of her left boob, something snapped.

“Hey” she said sharply, placing her petite hand over his. “You need to stop”.

Her voice cracked a little, betraying her confident exterior.

Todd chuckled and went to pull his hand away. But it didn’t budge. He pulled harder but Emily tightened her grip.

“Let go of my hand you stupid bitch” he spat.

Emily was visibly taken aback. “Stupid bitch?” she said incredulously.

He yanked his arm back as hard as he could and felt his hand budge. But Emily tightened her grip and felt his thumb pop out of place. Before she knew it she felt a chorus of bones snapping and cracking inside of Todd’s hand.

She let go of his hand instantly and recoiled.

Todd screamed in pain. He fell to his knees holding his deformed hand. It took Emily a few seconds to realise what she’d done.

“I’m so sorry” she said breathlessly over his bloodcurdling screams, “I didn’t mean to… oh God, I’m so sorry”.

As Emily apologetically bent over to look at his hand, the biggest of the four men grabbed her from behind and wrapped his enormous arms around her shoulders in a bear hug. She gasped with surprise, and took a couple of steps forward under his weight, then tensed up as he powerfully squeezed her shoulders together inside his grip. The huge man smiled as he went to pull her backwards. But she didn’t move. She didn’t even move an inch. Emily could hear the 6’3” man straining, and could feel his arms flexing, but he was unable to shift her against her will.

In an attempt to wriggle free, Emily relaxed and slowly moved her shoulders back and expanded her chest outward, pulling his fingers apart from their interlocking grip, and walking free. She allowed herself a momentary feeling of glee as she noticed how easy it was, and then looked back and up at him. He was still close enough that Emily could still feel his laboured breathing on the back of her shoulder.

Buoyed by her one-on-one victory, she turned around to face him and stepped towards him, shoving him in the chest with both hands. Emily knew that, given her strength, he would be sent flying backwards, but she completely underestimated how far. As her hands hit his chest, the big man’s head cracked forwards onto his chest as his neck buckled against the enormous force. Instead of falling to the ground, Emily had hit him so hard that his body was sent sailing at least 40 feet into the alley.

The three remaining men looked at his body in silence. Emily looked around her.

“Shit” she whispered looking at his lifeless body lying in the garbage. Shit. She’d put more effort into it than she meant to on account that he was a bloody huge 260lb meathead.

Even Todd had stopped screaming as he watched the beautiful girl throw his buddy like was nothing more than a rag doll.

Emily could feel herself breathing faster. Shit. What had she done? She looked at her hands and then at the guy’s body in amongst the garbage. She noticed her rapid breathing. It wasn’t because she’d exerted herself. Quite the opposite. It was easy. It was so easy. Clearly, she still didn’t have full control over her new powers.

Emily looked at Todd on the floor and then over at the two other men. Still no one said a word.

Todd looked up at her.

“I’m sorry” Emily said almost involuntarily. “I’m still working out how…”

“Boz, no!” Todd shouted.

Emily turned and saw the one of the two remaining men facing her about ten feet away. He was clearly agitated. Nervous. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a metal handle, pressed a button and a short metal blade flicked out.

“I don’t know who the fuck you are, but…”

Todd cut him off. “Boz, put the knife down, man”.

Boz looked at Todd on the floor nursing his busted hand, then over at Jim lying face-down in the garbage.

Emily looked at the knife and then at the man holding it. He must’ve been in his mid-thirties, unshaven, unkempt wearing a filthy jacket over a dirty white t-shirt. He too was big.

“Please sir,” she said catching her breath, “Please put down the knife”.

“I don’t take no orders from no bitch” he retorted, slowly moving towards her.

Emily knew she was strong. She knew she was stronger than each of these men. Maybe even all of them put together. But was she invulnerable like the old Supergirl? She’d seen bullets bounce off Supergirl on some show a few years ago. But had she ‘inherited’ that super power? It made sense that she had: she was super strong, she had super vision and super hearing, and she could fly. So it seemed logical that her body was invulnerable and able to deflect bullets. So a knife wouldn’t be a problem, right?

She was about to fly up into the air to avoid the risk of finding out she wasn’t, but Boz lunged forward, blade first, aimed at her torso. It was at that precise moment that Emily discovered two new super powers: super speed and super reactions.

Almost the instant that his muscles had contracted to lunge forward, Emily felt her whole world slow down. She felt in complete control as the environment around her decelerated to maybe 1/16 of normal speed. Whilst her mind and her body worked as 1/1 speed, the hapless man attacking her now was moving impossibly slow. Even to the point she was able to change her mind twice on how she was going to deal with him.

Her obvious reaction was to step out of the way of the oncoming knife. But before the blade had even moved more than a couple of inches towards her, she decided that if she’d inherited all these powers, including super speed and reactions, it was likely that her skin was impenetrable, and she’d take the blade head-on. At the last millisecond, she changed her mind again.

Back in real time, the blade was about four inches from her body when Boz felt a tight snap around his wrist. He looked down and saw her petit hand wrapped around the top of his forearm. He attempted to pull it away her grip was like a vice. His arm didn’t even move a millimetre.

She looked up at him and cracked a tiny, satisfied, smile as they made eye contact for a split second. He was wide-eyed and petrified and he grunted in his attempt to free his arm that she so nonchalantly held it in place. Emily pulled the tip of the metal blade towards her abdomen. Instead of simply disarming him, perhaps she should discover whether she did share the old Supergirl’s invincibility. Emily felt his body strain less as the tip of the blade gently touched the tight blue fabric that clung to her torso. The knifeman couldn’t help but notice her defined abdominals flex even more under the blue costume as she pulled the cold metal blade into her stomach. His eyes widened as he felt the blade bend slightly as she continued to pull his hand towards her, until it inevitably snapped and felt to the floor.

Emily released her grip on Boz’s hand and he pulled his arm back. He opened his hand and looked at the knife handle and where the blade had snapped against her stomach. He looked at the girl as she inspected her torso. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was so insanely gorgeous it was like she wasn’t real. But she was. And not only was she real, she was the real Supergirl. An insanely stunning teenage blonde with an outrageous body, big juicy tits, who could crush hands, thrown men into the air like they were nothing, and now snap metal blades against her rock hard abs.

Supergirl looked up to see Boz sprinting out of the alleyway. She smiled. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t feel an enormous wave of a mix of empowerment and confidence.

There was just one man left, and Emily fully expected him to be running in the other direction. But he wasn’t. As Emily turned to face him, he stood maybe 15 feet away from her, both arms out in front of his body looking like he was going to rush her.

For the first time that evening, her first appearance as Supergirl in her costume, she looked him dead in the eye. She’d only ever know herself to lack confidence. But as she adjusted her feet slightly further apart and placed her hands on her hips and felt her cape flutter against her legs, she felt all her insecurities, all her lack of confidence begin to melt away.

The man, not as big as the others, but still big and still a man, was sizing her up. Despite seeing what she’d done to three of his friends, his ego dictated that he remained fixed to the ground, contemplating what to do.

Emily, feeling a wave of dopamine-fuelled confidence wash over her, took a half step towards him and stood tall, chest out, hands still on her hips, and smiled, raising an eyebrow. She was inviting him to test her.

The bearded man took a couple of steps back, gave a dramatic pained expression, and then turned on his heels and sprinted down the alleyway.

Emily smiled. She was starting to enjoy herself.

She turned around. Todd was back on his feet fussing with the kid’s backpack. He looked up when he heard the click of her heels coming closer.

“I’m putting his stuff back” he spluttered

Emily nodded. The kid with the backpack was still lying on his back but leaning on his elbows staring at her, blood continuing to stream out of his nose.

“Are you okay?” Emily asked softly offering a hand.

Lucas squinted up at her through his swollen eyes. She was completely mesmerising. He reached out his hand and the girl pulled him to his feet. He looked around. At the old guy with the busted hand putting his stuff back in his bad, the big guy lying face up in a bunch of garbage to his left.

“Thank you” he said, trying his hardest to look her in the eye.

“No problem” she smiled. Seeing how grateful he was reminded her of how fearful she’d been to intervene. If it weren’t for her cowardice, he wouldn’t have a busted face, and these guys probably wouldn’t be so beat up.

“Do you want to call the Police?” Emily continued.

Lucas looked at the two remaining men.

“Nah, it looks like they got what they deserved” he chuckled.

Emily giggled.

“Okay,” she said looking at Todd handing Lucas his bag, “I must go”.

“Er, okay, sure. Thanks again” Lucas said, looking sideways at Todd.

Emily put her hands by her side and levitated slowly off the ground, and hovered about 10 feet from the ground.

“Don’t worry,” Emily said to Lucas, almost reading his mind, “He’s not going to do anything. Right?”

Todd looked up at the Supergirl, nodding subserviently. “Yes ma’am”.

Emily smiled and flew slowly up into the night sky, looking down at the two men until she cleared the haze of streetlamp. Of course she didn’t just fly away and leave Lucas alone with Todd. She hovered, about 80 feet in the air and watched Todd shake the kid’s hand before the two men went their separate ways.

She giggled to herself and looked south towards her apartment. That was enough action for this evening.