A New Supergirl: Day 68

Emily and James had shared a joke recently at how the rest of the world probably imagines Supergirl’s life when she wasn’t in costume saving the planet from bad guys and disasters.

James recalled the joke when he heard the doorbell. It was the pizza delivery guy.

He ignored it for a second as he admired his girlfriend on the TV, in costume, posing for the cameras whilst in the background the local Police rounded up some bad guys. It rang again and he peeled himself away.

After paying the pizza guy he walked back into the kitchen and heard the familiar feint whoosh and a few clicks outside in the garden, shortly after which the floor-to-ceiling glass door slid open and Supergirl walked in.

“Hey babe!” Supergirl squealed enthusiastically as she tottered over to the pizza.

James laughed as he watched Supergirl, decked out in her full costume demolishing a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I just saw you on the news in the middle of some heist. Looked like it was pretty bad ass?”

Supergirl nodded, snorting through her nose as she munched on another slice.

“It was mental,” she said before taking a breath. “These dudes just wouldn’t give up. They were fanatical. Like, I gave them the full works, but even at the end they were spraying me with bullets. They were so stupid.”

James smiled.

“Right, I need to change” Emily said stepping away from the bench. “I’ve been kicking butt all day and I can’t wait to slip into some pyjamas”.

“Wait” said James just as she was about to change.

“Whats up?”

The teenager put down his half-eaten slice and wiped his mouth, mentally gearing up to what he was about to ask.

“Okay, this may come out as a big weird, but I have a, uh, favour to ask.” he said awkwardly. “Its not like, weird or anything, but it may sound strange, but I kind of thought that, well, if I can’t ask you, my girlfriend, when who could I ask, right?”

“Riiiiight….” Supergirl smiled, looking at him quizzically. It was probably something to do with sex, and she knew she’d end up doing it for him.

“So what is it?” she said smiling, loving how awkward he looked, and even more so when she put her hands on her hips. She knew he loved that.

“So, promise you’re not going to get weirded out about it?”

“It depends what it is!” Emily laughed.

“So, like, you know when you’re up against some bad guys. And I think its normally when there are some camera around, you do that thing when you lift guys up off their feet?”

“Er, not really” Supergirl shook her head a little and looked vaguely unaware of what he was talking about.

But she knew exactly. She’d even practiced it with a bunch of weights in the garage. It was the money-shot. The lift, the pose that made the front pages. and the lift that fuelled men’s fantasies: lifting them up, single-handedly by their chin or their throat, and making that power-stance.

She watched how cute he was as he laboriously explained it to her.

“Okay, yeah. I know what you’re talking about” she said playing along. “What about it?”

But she already knew why. For a bad guy it was incapacitating. But for other men (and women), it was the perfect representation of an alternate power dynamic. She’d seen pictures of the old Supergirl doing it, but until twenty five days ago she had no idea its effect on men. She loved looking up and seeing a strange mix of fear and loathing in the whites of their eyes. She reasoned that when men fought each other the outcome was normally dictated in the difference in age, physical size and fighting skill. Their egos couldn’t take a gorgeous teenager with big tits in a leotard and cape lifting them up with a single hand.

Men loved her strength.

James stumbled along, forgetting his prefabricated lines designed to ensure she didn’t think he was some sad fanboy. But of course she didn’t, and she was desperate to help him out.

“… and, y’know, I was just trying to think about how it may, like, feel if…”

“Oh I know,” Emily interrupted stepping away from the work surface, “you want me to to show you what I’d do to some bad guy?”

James smiled. “Exactly”.


Emily knew what James wanted more than he did. Or at least, she knew the question he wasn’t brave enough to ask.

Before he’d even swallowed his pizza, Emily stepped forward and cupped the underside of his jaw with her right hand. Almost immediately he felt her incredible unstoppable strength as she casually raised her hand up into the air.

James’s head tilted back and he dropped his pizza to grab hold of her slender wrists as he felt the lift up onto his toes and then into the air.

He felt the enormous pressure of his bodyweight around his neck, and he let out a kind of child’s gurgle as he attempted to pull himself up by her wrists.

For Emily it was nothing. She of course felt the initial resistance that a normal human would feel, but then her strength kicked in and she was able to raise him up off his feet with phenomenal ease.

She held him about two feet off the ground. James looked down, straining his eyes because moving his chin inside her vice-like grip was impossible.

She looked gorgeous.

“So, Mister Bad Man, are you gonna give up?” Emily giggled in her most girly voice, curling her hair with her left hand.

“No… way.” he managed to say from his impinged position above her, giggling slightly, but mainly snorting loudly through his nose.

He tried desperately to saviour the moment. The feeling of helplessness under her control, as his feet dangled pathetically beside her. He marvelled at how easy she found it to perform this incredibly feat of strength. She didn’t strain at all, because of course lifting him up was like him lifting a stuffed toy.

He swung his legs in the air, enjoying his predicament, trying to empathise with other men that would have found themselves in this position, but in different circumstances.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself up there” she said giggling.

“Huh?” he said, muffled by squeezed cheeks.

Emily clasped her left hand around his erection.

“Oh shit” James muffled. “I didn’t know…”

“Its okay” Emily giggled. It wasn’t like it was the first boner she’d seen from dishing out some kick ass.

“So how is it?” she said looking up at him.


“Me lifting you up like this. Do we feel like a weak, emasculated man?” Emily giggled.

James thought for a second. It was all that, yes. But it was something more.

“I think,” he started, still muffled by her hand pinching his cheeks together, “I feel like you could kick my ass” he chortled. He didn’t have the guts to tell her that he felt utterly emasculated up her. And weirdly, he loved it.

Emily liked it.

“You wanna know how it makes me feel, looking at you up there, dangling from my little hand?”

He nodded vigorously, noticing his dick getting harder.

“I feel powerful. Looking up at you, but more so when I grab some big bad guy and I either casually force him onto his knees, or lift him up into the air by his chin or his throat. Its hard to describe, but seeing the confusion and fear in their eyes when they look down at me, it makes me feel real good. Especially if I catch them staring at my boobs.”

Like Pavlov’s dog, James instinctively glanced at the S stretching across her impressive chest.

“I love the idea that I’m shattering their ego. Like, using my strength or powers to humiliate them and making sure they feel the pain of knowing that its an eighteen year old blonde teenage girl with big boobs in tight costume doing it to them.”

James didn’t know what to say. If she touched his dick know, he reckoned he explode within a couple of seconds.

“Do you like it?” Supergirl said softly.

“The… lift?” he tried to say as his neck was beginning to feel tired and strained.

“Being powerless”

Emily released her grip and let his chin slide out of her hand. He was only about a foot off the ground, but he landed awkwardly and he ended up on his butt.

He felt a little embarrassed, sitting on the floor, and when Emily took a step towards him, he felt unease as she towered over him. It took him a couple of seconds to realise it, but we was fearful of her. The very act of experiencing her incredible power first hand forced him to acknowledge just how powerful she was. It was sobering to realise that she could just crush him, quite literally, if she wanted to.

Emily smiled. She could almost read his mind because he had that same sheepish look that other guys had when they’d lain at her feet. She enjoyed that feeling then, and she was a little ashamed to be enjoying it now.


“Er… yeah” he said, avoiding eye contact.

Emily reached down and gently placed her hand under his chin and directed his head to look at her. He flinched momentarily, thinking she was going to lift him up again.

“Fancy a little role play?” she whispered

He nodded, not really knowing what she meant. He still couldn’t make eye contact for longer than a second or two.

Emily let go of his chin and put her hands on her hips.

“Down on your knees” she said softly, but with a little more authority.

James froze. He wanted to do as she said, but was she testing him? Mocking him? If he got to his knees, would she laugh at him later? He desperately wanted to give in to his desire to be subservient and for her to exercise her superiority over him.

“I said, get down on your knees” she said, this time more firmly.

James adjusted himself onto his knees, and looked up at her.

“Okay” whispered James.

“Okay?” Emily said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I, er, I mean yes”.

James looked up at the Maid of Might. She raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Supergirl”

Emily didn’t really know what to do next. She was liking this role play. A lot. She knew what she wanted him to do eventually, but she had to build up to it.

“Lick my boots” she said with contempt.

James surprised himself how quickly he shifted to all fours and bent his arms to place his tongue on her immaculate red leather boots. He’d made up his mind to go all-in. It’d be cruel for her to mock and embarrass him later, and she wasn’t like that. Maybe she was into this too?

He licked the toe of her boots and made his way up over the top of her foot and round to her ankles.

Emily really didn’t derive any pleasure from him scrabbling around licking her footwear. But she did feel a filthy excitability of watching him perform such a humiliating, subservient act on her.

He made his way up the bottom of her boots, kissing and licking the tight leather that stretched without wrinkle around her calf. But he made the mistake of touching her thigh.

“How DARE you touch me” she hissed.

James pulled himself away, unsure of what he’d done until he noticed his hand holding on to the back of her thigh to balance himself.

“I’m sorry” he said, involuntarily, surprised by the fear in his apology.

Supergirl reached down, took hold of his shirt halfway down his back, and lifted him up off the ground.

Supergirl elevated him up to head height and let him hang there like a dog - like an animal - in the air.

“Never touch me without my permission” she said quietly, menacingly,

James couldn’t look her in the eye.

“Yes Supergirl” he said with a stutter.

Emily felt an enormous rush of power. Superiority. She felt like a goddess as he dangled from her arm. Right now, he was worthless. A toy to her.

Of course, it was role play. Was it getting out of hand she wondered?

“All cool” she said in a completely different tone, as if refereeing on the sidelines.

James nodded tepidly.

Supergirl let go of him and he dropped a couple of feet to the floor. He dared not wince, and immediately got on all fours and carried on licking and kissing her tight red boots, being careful not to touch any part of her bare skin.

“Up” she commanded. “You may touch my leg.”

James felt exhilarated that he’d been given permission. He gently caressed the back of her calf and stroked his hand up behind her knee and up the back of her silky thighs.

He migrated from kissing her boots to her thighs, and relished the touch of her smooth tanned skin and wonderful long legs.

After just a couple of seconds, Emily reached down and pulled her tiny skirt up to her waist, exposing the tiny part of the her costume that covered her pussy.

James looked up at the sharp curvature of shiny material, and the discreet outline of what lay underneath.

The teenage boy looked up for permission.

Supergirl gave a slight nod, and then pulled her costume up at the side of her waist which pulled the material up around her crotch, emphasising her lips.

James didn’t hesitate in taking hold of her upper thighs with both hands and shoving his face into her crotch. He licked the outline of her pussy through the costume, forcefully pushing his tongue between her glorious lips.

Emily gasped. She hadn’t foreseen the pleasure she’d get from such an act. She wanted him to get to the main event, but she let herself enjoy the sensation of his tongue probing the costume.

But after just a couple of seconds she pushed his head away, and without even looking at him, she pulled the wet material covering her crotch to the side, and exposed her wet pussy.

James was completely overwhelmed by the sweet smell of her labia and without asking for permission he latched forcefully around her pussy and allowed his tongue roam inside her.

Supergirl thought she was going to climax there-and-then. But she squeezed and threw her head back.

“Fucking hell,” she managed to say, “Oh, fucking hell!!!”

Emily lasted only a few minutes before she exploded. The Maid of Might, who was holding James’s head, pushed him away, knowing that she risked crushing his skull with her bare hands as she climaxed.

James lay on his back, as Emily, still on her feet, leant backwards, shrieking as she orgasmed. He felt a wave of relief at having made her cum. To have served her purposefully. Because, as Emily began to regain her composure, still panting, he felt more than ever, the vast chasm between them both. Sure, it was only a little role play, but he knew that it had changed their relationship. At least, it had changed his perception of his role in their relationship. She was Supergirl. Supergirl! Who was he? No one. A nobody. She could have any man she wanted, as Emily or as Supergirl. And so, he felt the overwhelming need to service her every need. To stay useful to her.

He wiped his mouth. He loved how she looked after they’d fucked.  She wiped her hair away from her face as her breathing relaxed, and she looked down at him.

“Good boy” she said smiling. She was still in character.

James realised and immediately tried to shift from his relaxed position, lying down with his elbows propping him up. But Supergirl was already standing over him and she gently placed the ball of right her foot on his crotch.

“That is disgusting” she spat, looking down at her foot pressing down on his testicles.

James looked and saw the wet patch where he’d ejaculated inside his pants.

She made him feel completely inept. Worthless.

“Make sure that doesn’t happen next time” said the teenager.

James nodded furiously.

“Now, get out of my sight and clean yourself up, you disgusting little boy.”

James got to his feet and trudged off. He looked back at Emily who, surprised that James was doing as he was told, winked at him and stepped around the corner.

He’d never felt so low. I mean, he loved it. He really loved it. Her giving him first-hand experience of how incredibly strong she was, and then forcing him to lick her boots and then pleasure her. He loved it. But was this a fundamental shift in their relationship? And would she now regard him as the weak subservient boyfriend that he actually was. The ordinary weakling boyfriend to a goddess?

He rounded the corner into their bedroom and saw Emily sitting on the bed. But it wasn’t Emily in her Supergirl costume.

Despite her super speedy transformation, Emily had legs stretched across her torso as she took the stocking clip on her outer thigh and attached it to her briefs. The pose wasn’t accidental. She wanted to James to savour every last inch of her long, olive-skinned legs clad in delicate expensive stockings that gave a light sheen to her skin.

“Hey!” she said softly looking up.

He was speechless. And his silence continued as she gracefully stood up and displayed the full splendour of her insane body. He couldn’t help notice the tiny ripple of abdominal muscle, and then her boobs. Her boobs! They were currently held in by a delicate little bar that created the most incredible, deep, tanned cleavage he’d ever seen.

“Looks like you’ve been busy” she said softly, holding the outline damp of his dick that was already stiffening.

He still hadn’t said anything. Should he?

Emily took hold of his t-shirt and slowly pulled it up over his head, and unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. Without a word, she began kissing his chest whilst taking his hands and placing them on her naked tanned flesh.

It was an incredible transformation. He even noticed that her makeup was now different to accommodate her dark sultry hair. She was more mysterious. More sexy. Less dominant.

“I’m all yours” she whispered gently into his ear.

She pulled away incredibly slowly to make sure he was taking absolutely everything in and sensuously pulled down the left side of the thin bra. Her boob jiggled gently as it popped out, and her nipped hardened in the air. She took his hand and guided it towards her breast and he closed his eyes as he caressed her warm soft bosom.

“I’ll do whatever you want. I just want you inside of me” she whispered gently into his ear.

She was unbelievable.

“You’re all ready to…” he stuttered slighty.

“Anally” she interjected gently, so softly that he only just heard her.

His insecurities vanished as she pulled him in to kiss her.