A New Supergirl: Day 32

Emily collapsed on the bed panting. It was the third time they’d made love that afternoon. She lay on her back, catching her breath, pulling the sheets over her thigh. She took James’s hand and placed it on her chest between her breasts and held it. She couldn’t remember being as happy as she was right now.

James leaned over and caressed her thigh under the sheets, kneading the smooth firm flesh between her leg and butt.

“Y’know, some guy asked me out today” Emily said smiling. Giggling.

“Oh yeah?” said James, feeling his stomach tighten.

“Yeah” she said giggling and turning to look at him. “I was in Starbucks, and he was checking me out. Asked if I had a boyfriend”.

James’s heart raced.

“Okay” he said slowly,

Emily turned on her side, moving his hand onto her waist.

“You know what I told him” she said softly, seductively.


“I told him that I’d been out on a couple of dates with this cute guy, but.,” Emily tucked her hair behind her ears, “He hadn't asked me out yet”.

Goddam she was beautiful.

The tension lightened.

“Well, this 'cute guy’ sounds like a bit of a stud, huh?”

They both laughed.

“Yeah, well I think he likes me” she whispered feeling his hands on her body

“What makes you say that?” James said softly playing along.

“Well, one things for sure, he likes my boobs” she said giggling

“I don’t want to be the first to tell you this, but I think everyone loves your boobs” he laughed, leaning in to nuzzle her firm bosom

“I’m serious” said Emily half smiling. “What do you say?”

For the past week James had played it as cool as he could. But the truth was, he was desperately in love with her. Besotted, infatuated with her. He was in love with her when they were kids, and now that she was back, well, he didn’t have the words to describe his feelings. It was like having his soulmate back in his life. An empty void now filled.

“Boyfriend and girlfriend?” he laughed, “With you?!”

They both laughed. She knew how he felt about her. She knew what she looked like. She decided she wasn’t being big-headed. It was just a fact. She hadn’t done anything to deserve it. It just happened. And she loved it. She loved the attention she got from just walking down the street, but most of all, she loved the attention that James gave her. With him it was different. He was her first and only love, and ever since they were cruelly separated four years ago she’d fantasised about being in his arms.

“Come on, stop being a jerk" she said smiling.

James kissed her

“I can’t imagine anything that I’d more” he whispered.

The teenagers embraced and felt their naked skin upon each other.

“Again?!” Emily shouted, feeling his protrusion on her stomach.

James laughed.

“What can I say? I guess I must be really into you”.

They kissed again. This time more passionately.

“We’ve got a lot of time to catch up on” James panted in between kissing her sensual mouth.

Emily felt an intense arousal as James’s hands ran down her waist and he grabbed the underside of her butt and squeezed.

Over the sound of their foreplay, the door bell rang.

“Oh shit”  

“Ignore it” said James, looking up at her

“I can’t, its something I’ve been waiting for”.

Emily detached herself from her boyfriend, and grabbed a robe.

“I’ll be back in a jiffy”.

James pulled himself up and grabbed his phone. It was late afternoon, and all they’d done for the entire day was have sex.

Emily came back in the bedroom laughing and put a small parcel on the chair.

“You should’ve seen the guy’s face! He totally knew what I was up to!”

James could only imagine the guy’s face when he opened the door Emily in a robe!

They both laughed.

“Can you imagine how much sex we would have had by now if you hadn’t, y’know… I mean if you had’ve been here for the past few years?”

Emily smiled at the prospect, and all of a sudden that nagging seed of deceit entered her consciousness again.

“So, you like, didn’t have a boyfriend when you were away at all?” he asked gently. He didn’t mind. At least he didn’t think he would be. He just guessed that, well, of course she’d have a boyfriend. Who wouldn’t want to be with her?

“No, not at all” she said taking off her robe and slipping back into bed. “To be honest, I never even thought about it”.

Emily remembered back to just a few weeks ago. Sleeping rough, avoiding the other homeless, hiding from men staggering out of the bars. Devoid of any self worth, she made the mistake of thinking that no one would be interested in a stinking, unwashed homeless girl. She’d made that mistake twice and paid for them with two trips to A&E.

“Okay, cool” James shrugged.

She felt uncomfortable, not being honest with him. She wanted to tell him what’d really happened. Where she’d really been. That she’d been sleeping rough for the past few years. Not for sympathy. But so be honest with him. She didn’t want to keep anything from him. Not even her meeting with Supergirl, nor the fact that she was…”

“I have something I need to tell you” Emily blurted out.

“Ooookay..” James said ominously. She looked uncomfortable. Like she was going to tell him something bad.

“I’m not meant to tell you this, but if we’re going to be together, well, I can’t lie.”

"She must’ve had a boyfriend” James thought. “Or, she still has”. This stomach turned.

Emily swung her legs out the side of the bed, pulled on her g-string lying on the floor, and stood up.

“What I told you the other day, about where I’ve been. It was a lie” she said nervously. “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you the truth” she continued “Well, actually I do know. But it has nothing to do with where I’ve been.”

Emily picked up the little bralette she was wearing earlier and put it on, squeezing her boobs inside the fabric that did a valiant effort of containing her bust. She stood in just her little g-string and top.

“Up until about two weeks ago” she said, “I was homeless”.


“I was homeless. I had been homeless for a couple of years.”


“In the city” she said emotionally.


Emily nodded.

“Why didn’t you get in touch?” he said incredulously.

Emily shook her head, holding back her tears.

“I couldn’t. I don’t know. I just couldn’t”

James went to get up, but Emily help up her hand.

“Wait, there’s more”.

James eased back onto the bed.

“That isn’t what I need to tell you”

James’s heart sunk. What could be worse than this?!”

“Two weeks ago, I was sleeping on a construction site, and well, I can’t remember properly, but…”

James felt sick. He knew what she was about to say. That she’d been attacked. Raped even?

“… but” Emily continued smiling, “I heard someone cry out, and I was leaving anyway, and well, the point of this story is that I met Supergirl”.


Emily nodded.

“And, she is the one that saved you? Put you up in this house?”

“Kind of” Emily smiled.

Emily readied herself. She hadn’t exactly rehearsed this moment.

“So, what’s the best way to explain this?” she said thinking out loud. “So, Supergirl wasn’t well. As in, she was all in pain and stuff”.

“Okay” said James hurriedly.

“And, well, she did this thing where she made me stand up and then she told me to…”

She knew she wasn’t explaining it particularly well. It wasn’t how she wanted to ‘come out’ to James.

“Okay” she said, “Lets start again”.

She took a step back from the bed.

“I think its just easier to do this, and then explain later.”

James looked at her quizzically

“So” she said looking up, “Don’t be freaked out.”


Emily shuffled back a little more, closed her eyes and a flash of light exploded in the room.

James shielded his eyes from the intense illumination and hesitantly looked back and beyond his hand.

“Supergirl!!” he screamed

He leapt up on the bed grabbing a sheet to cover his modesty.

“Supergirl!” he said again, looking wildly at the Maid of Might. “But… Emily?” he whispered confused.

Emily smiled. The weird cloaking thing was incredible! Even James didn’t recognise her, even when he’d seen her transform!


James looked up at the gorgeous superheroine.

“Its me. Its Emily.”

And then, like some amazing special effect or illusion, Supergirl morphed into Emily. Emily in a incredibly tight Supergirl costume. With blonde hair.

“Emily!” he shouted. “What the fuck! What the hell is happening to me?”

Emily smiled.

“I just saw Supergirl” he said rubbing his forehead, but then…”

And it suddenly hit him like a sledgehammer.

“No way!”

Emily smiled

“No fucking WAY!”

Emily giggled

“You …” James couldn’t even say the words. “You are…”

“Supergirl” Emily said softly.

“Thats impossible” he said shaking his head.

“You like?” Emily said doing a little twirl in her costume.

It was like he couldn’t take everything in. He felt his heart thumping in his chest as he watched her twist on the spot.

“I don’t understand” he said, almost panting. “This is some kind of trick right?” he laughed. “But damn Emily, you look A-MAZING.”

Emily smiled. She felt the weight of deciet lift from her shoulders. She couldn’t go back now. James knew her secret.

“Its not a trick” Emily said quietly, enjoying his reaction.

“But, thats impossible!”

She gracefully raised her arms out by her side by a few degrees and slowly levitated off the bedroom floor into the air. The new Supergirl couldn’t hold back her delight as James watched every inch of her ascent, eyes wide open, mouth agog.

“No way!” she heard him whisper.

After a couple of seconds, she descended slowly and her boots touched the floor again, as gracefully as she’d practiced, and turned to James.

“You’re Supergirl?”

“Thats what this symbol says” said looking down at the S stretched across her boobs.

“So, so, what… you’re actually Supergirl. Like you can fly, and you’ve got super hearing, and heat vision…?”

Emily nodded, beaming.

“… and you’re super strong, and…”

James took a second to digest.

“It was YOU the other day with those jerks?!”

Emily laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

“You picked up a damn car!”

“It was nothing” she said giggling, meaning it.

Emily stood, swinging her hips slightly as James took a couple of seconds to digest and fathom her transformation. He felt uneasy looking at her. He wanted to look her up and down and take in everything about her. Like he was able to when she was just Emily. But it felt somehow… disrespectful.


He looked up.

“You’re okay with it?” she asked.

“Okay?! Hell yeah, I mean, I can’t believe it!”

Emily smiled. She felt his demeanour change. Maybe she underestimated how much it was to take in.

She caught him glancing at her like he did last week. The quick look at her chest or legs when he thought she wasn’t looking. The same kind of look she was getting used to in public.

Emily - Supergirl - took a couple of short steps towards him and put her arms around the back of his neck and looked up to him.

“I don't want to keep anything from you” she whispered, “Not even this."

James placed his hands on her waist and felt the material of her costume for the first time. He was touching Supergirl’s waist!

Emily pulled him closer and their mouths met. They shared a passionate kiss before she pulled away.

“So, how’d you like me as a blonde?”

Emily took a couple of steps back so that James could see her. He hadn’t even really noticed the change.

“You look hot!” he smiled shaking his head.

“And the costume?” Emily said excitedly. She enjoyed being able to talk to another human being about her secret, about her transformation and about her costume!

James went to speak but could only continue shaking his head in disbelief.

“Its hot right?!” she screamed excitedly. “I don’t know what this material is, but it is like SUPER tight.”

To illustrate, Emily a pinch of the costume on her forearm and pulled the material just a couple of millimetres off her skin and released it to a tiny high-pitched thwack.

She then twirled around, letting her red cape bellow out like a long dress giving him a quick flash of her insanely long legs underneath her short skirt. James was completely entranced.

“I think my boobs are bigger when I’m Supergirl” Emily said cupping each magnificent breast, “But I don’t know if they’re actually bigger or if its because the costume is so tight that it makes them look bigger and makes my waist look smaller."

James took the opportunity to look at her chest. It was insane. The iconic S stretched across the two most perfect tits he’d ever seen. He could even see the feint feminine outline of her abdominals.

“I’m not even wearing a bra” the eighteen year old superheroine said matter of factly. “The costume is so tight that it seems to keep everything in place. Even when I run”

Emily jumped up and down a few times to demonstrate how her boobs would move if she were running.

James appreciated how her boobs bounced naturally, albeit dampened by the tightness of her costume around her chest. Although curiously, her boobs weren’t being flattened against her chest. The material of her costume seemed to allow them to take their fantastic natural ripe teardrop shape. They were simply incredible.

He also smiled having noticed that whilst her boobs bounced, the rest of her body didn’t. Her body was tight. Not necessarily muscular, but tight. There wasn’t an inch of unnecessary fat on her. He looked at her stomach as she breathed, awestruck at the slight ripple of muscle that her costume clung to like a mould.

“So, has it put you off?” Emily said flirtatiously.

“Put me off?”


“Are you kidding?” he scoffed.

“You think you’re man enough” she said laughing, “Dating Supergirl, the Girl of Steel?”

James hadn’t even thought about it, and as that seed of doubt was about to plant itself, Emily wrapped her arms around his neck again.

She pulled him down towards her and they kissed. Emily cooed as she felt his hands hold her waist and she groaned softly as his right hand migrated down over her skirt and butt. Supergirl lifted her left knee up and gestured her approval when he ran his hands along the underside of her thigh and then down over her tight leather knee high boots.

Emily felt the familiar protrusion from his pants again and enjoyed it rubbing up against her crotch. She then pulled away took both of his hands and guided them to cup her boobs. She enjoyed his face and his reaction to touching the most revered pair of tits in the world.

“I’m touching Supergirl’s boobs” he said giggling.

“Yes you are” she purred.

He kneaded them gently just as he knew she liked and ran his thumb over her nipples which had been protruding flirtatiously since her transformation.

“I can’t believe I’m touching Supergirl’s tits” he said more excitedly.

“Hey!” she scowled. “They’re boobs to you”

He smiled.

Emily pulled his hands off her chest.

“Aw c’mon, I was just fooling around!”

“We can fool around later” she said looking up at him, “How about we get out of here? I wanna show you all the cool stuff I can do!” she said barely able to contain her excitement.

“Sure” he said, barely hiding his disappointment. “How about we…”

But before he could finish his sentence, Emily bent down and scooped him up into her arms.

“Holy shit” he muttered looking up at her beaming face.

“Ready?” she giggled.

James caught his reflection in a mirror as Emily held him like a baby in her arms as she walked out of the bedroom into the hallway. She didn’t even betray the slightest hint that she was carrying a 6ft 160lb young man in her arms.

“I’ve gotta be honest” he said quietly as she carried him into the kitchen, “I’m feeling a little emasculated right now”.

Emily giggled.

“You’ll get used to it” she said with a smile and a wink, and then without either a warning or a strain on her muscles, she levitated about a foot off the kitchen floor with him in her arms.

“Fuck me Emily, this is insane”

Supergirl looked down at him as her body gracefully rotated 45 degrees.

“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet” she giggled.

She flew out of the kitchen and over the pool.

“Hold on!” she said winking at him, and before he could say anything, the teenagers shot up into the early evening sky.