A New Supergirl: Day 134

James lay on the bed. He watched his girlfriend in front of the mirror applying her lipstick, puckering up like girls do so that an even layer of lipstick is applied to the upper and lower lip.

It was erotic. Everything about her was erotic. He’d know her since they were kids. But they weren’t kids any more. And after four years apart they were back together. He was still a gangly eighteen year old, she definitely wasn’t.

He knew her secret of course. He was the only one. And her absence for the past four years certainly helped gloss over her transformation from nerdy/dropout fourteen year old to walking, talking goddess.

Even when she tried to dial it down like she was tonight, she was mesmerising. She could wear no makeup, and wear a flatting bra, or a loose pair of jeans. But it didn’t make a lot of difference. Of course Emily felt that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But she had everything, and it turned out she didn’t need to flaunt it.

Emily turned around and saw James staring at her and smiled.

“What you thinking?” she said softly

James smiled. “I’m thinking about how hot you look”.

Emily giggled. She got told to wear a conservative outfit to his restaurant this evening. But there was no getting away from how she looked. Even in a relatively long skirt, there was no hiding her long, tanned legs. And no top was going to hide her boobs.

She pulled her long dark hair back and leant down to kiss her boyfriend on the lips. She smelt amazing. She pulled away after a couple of seconds.

“You look horny” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Can you blame me” he laughed.

Emily looked at her watch. “We’re late” she said with a huff. “But if we go Supergirl style, we could fit in some ‘us’ time”.

Super-style meant flying to the restaurant. He had no problem with that.

Emily took a hold of James’ belt and trousers.

“Let me see if I can do something about that” she giggled as she stroked the outline of his fully erect dick.

The gorgeous brunette was about to slip James inside her, when she overheard a dispatch over the radio with her super-sonic hearing.

James opened his eyes.

Emily was already up, concentrating on the sound that his ears couldn’t pick up.

“Emily?” he asked, expectedly.

Once the woman at central command has stopped, Emily looked back at James.

“I’m really sorry babe, but somethings going down at the bank”

James pretended not to care.

“Of course, no worries” he said awkwardly, pulling his pants up. “You need to go?”

Emily nodded.

James had obviously seen Emily transform before, but each time he was amazed.

She performed a little mini ritual that she said that the old Supergirl had shown her from the old tapes, and in an instant James saw his perfect brunette girlfriend in skirt and top transform into the blonde super heroine the world knew as Supergirl.

No matter how many times he’d seen her in the Supergirl costume, his cock tightened.

Somehow, she looked even more perfect. Of course it had everything to do with her blue and red costume. It was unfathomably tight, and the semi-shiny material clung to every curve of her body like a second skin.

He loved the way that her little red knee-high boots wrapped around her calves, and that her legs looked even longer wearing her superheroine skirt. But of course it was her boobs. Her boobs were unreal. She didn’t wear a bra beneath the costume and the outfit supported her incredible mammaries just enough so that they didn’t jiggle every time she took a step.


He snapped back into the room.

Emily knew that face. He did it every time she transformed, and every man she met in-costume made that weird face.

“I’ll be back shortly” she said walking over to the double glass doors.

She stopped.

“Why don’t you come with me?” she asked.


“Yeah! Lets go to this bank job now, and then we can go straight to the restaurant?”

Before James could even protest, his eighteen year old girlfriend scooped him up and they were already up in the air flying across town.

The duo landed on top of a low-rise building across the street from the bank. James straightened out after his emasculating ride over from their apartment, and before he could even say good luck, his girlfriend, as Supergirl, was already descending down to street level.

From up here, James could see everything. And even though he knew what she could do, seeing her down there with a bunch of massive, tattooed guys down there made him feel queasy.

There were two of them out on the street. No cops yet. And there were more of them inside the building.

Four men burst out of the bank carrying small hold-alls, and each with an automatic weapon.

Emily - or Supergirl - landed gracefully in front of the men coming out of the bank, blocking their route to their escape vehicle.

A few shouts were exchanged. James couldn’t make out what was being said. But he could hear Emily asking them men to put down their weapons.

This was something that she said the old Supergirl had told her. Always tell them what you’re about to do. They won’t believe you, and their egos won’t accept it, but you’ll sleep better at night knowing you warned them.

Two of the four men draw their weapons but Emily didn’t even flinch. One of the getaway drivers was approaching her from behind. She hadn’t noticed him and James nearly shouted down instinctively to warn her. But he didn’t need to.

The guy swung a baseball bat at her head. But predictably it had no effect. For the dude, it was like swinging at a steel post. James watched Emily turn around slowly to face the guy. He lashed out again, but this time James saw his girlfriend catch the bat, rip it from her attackers hand and then bend the metal bat in half.

It was the first time that James had been out with Emily, and everything he saw was a turn on.

The baseball guy tried to tackle her but she responded by cocking a leg back and kicking him across the street and into the Starbucks across the road.

The guys with the automatic weapons still hadn’t moved, and Emily had turned and was walking towards them.

James couldn’t watch. Some dickhead with a baseball bat was one thing, but these guys meant business.

Two of them dropped to their knee in commando-style, dropped their bags and opened fire.

A swarm of bullets hit Supergirl’s chest as she walked towards the gunmen, and each bullet bounced off harmlessly.

For James up above it was a sight to be beholden. The bullets had no effect as they bounced off her invincible body in a hail of light and noise.

After about fifteen steps, it was all over. James watched Emily completely destroy the four men in front of her. The slim 5’7” girl with big boobs and a red cape disarmed them all in seconds in a whirlwind of kicks, punches, and bent guns. For the last of the four standing she even threw in a super breath when he pulled out a little gun from his sock. She mockingly kissed her hand and blew him a kiss - a gust that took him off his feet and knocked him back thirty foot through the bank window and into the main foyer.

James could see the sixth, and final, guy get into the getaway car. He slammed it into gear and accelerated past the scene of chaos.

Emily let two flashes of heat vision escape from her eyes to blow the tyres as the car sped past her. The driver was powerless to stop it from mounting the kerb and smashing into one of the decorative fountains outside the bank.

James watched his girlfriend walk slowly over to the smashed up car. He was more in love with her now than he’d ever been.

The driver was attempting to open the disfigured door, and Supergirl helped him out by ripping it from its hinges and throwing it behind her.

She also helped him out of the car by pulling his 6’5” frame out of the drivers seat and up into the air.

James watched as Supergirl held the man aloft with just a single hand whilst the other hand remained on her hip. He couldn’t hear what she was saying, but he could see how petrified the goon was.

Like any eighteen year old man, James sometimes doubted himself, and now was as good a time as any. He watched his girlfriend, Supergirl, in all her super model goddess glory, lifting a 6’5” man up off the ground. She was gorgeous, intelligent and funny. She could have any man in the entire world. Literally.

Why him?

Seconds later the cops had finally arrived. The man that Supergirl has kept conscious was being taken away by two men, and Supergirl was walking away from the scene with the Police Commissioner.

It did nothing to allay his insecurities to watch every cop checking out Emily as she walked past them. Every one of them. How could he compete with these men? Proper men. Isn’t what what she wanted? And she could have any one of them.

After a couple of minutes, James could make out Supergirl saying goodbye to the cop and he and everyone else in the vicinity watched her fly up into the air.

For a couple of seconds James, wrapped up in his insecurities, thought that Emily had forgotten about him up on the roof.

He watched all the cops below talking to each other, gesticulating with their hands on how big her boobs were.

“Did you just see that?” squealed Emily behind him.

James looked back and watched the Maid of Might, his girlfriend land on the roof gravel.

James tried to shake off his earlier thoughts.

“Did you see how I obliterated those guys? Did you see those bullets just bounce off my chest?!”

James nodded. She was even more beautiful when she was excited.

She put her arms around his neck.

“So, what did you think? Did I do okay?” she smiled flirtatiously.

James smiled and placed his hands around her waist. He loved the smooth costume material and ran his hands up each side of her torso.

“Are you still horny?” she giggled.

For some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to say yes. For some weird reason he was embarrassed that seeing her in action made him more horny than ever. Hell, just looking at her in the costume gave him a stinking boner.

Emily was less subtle. Her crotch was drenched. Every time she kicked some ass she left the scene horny. The old Supergirl had told her about it in her tapes, and said that it happened to her every time.

She took James’s hand and guided them both around to her rock-hard stomach and then up onto her glorious tits. Emily then took his left hand back down her torso, up her skirt and let him feel how deliciously wet she was.

The other hand she guided up and took his two forefingers into her exquisite mouth and gently ran her tongue between his fingers and sucked lightly.

“How come you’ve never asked” Emily whispered

“Never asked what?”

“About fucking me in my Supergirl costume” she panted.

Before James could reply, and before he would try to clumsily explain that he didn’t think it was the right thing to ask, Emily pulled away and walked a couple steps over to the edge of the building. The teenager bent over, leaning her torso on the wall at ninety degrees, her legs straight and her butt thrust out in James’s direction.

“Get over here now,” she ordered softly, “and you fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked in your life”